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I have setup this page to provide a list of my rates.
This is so you know what you are getting before you even ask.
I charge for the various services I offer. The more services the higher the cost.
There are many tools that lawyers and paralegals use to effectively represent their clients.

You should know that in some situations, like small claims court matters, legal costs are separate of any claim for damages. Often the legal costs are awarded to the victor. While in matters like workers compensation this is not presently possible, this may change in the future, due to the Castrillio v. WSIB case.

Information contained within this site is NOT legal advice!
You should always consult with a paralegal or lawyer. Even if you use this site or consult with me, this in no way consitutes a retainer, whether for bundled or unbundled services, and no paralegal-client relationship exists unless and until you receive written confirmation in the form of a signed retainer agreement.
You accept any risks with the use of e-mail or other electronic communications
If you have any questions or concerns reagrding this disclamer, please fell free to conact me at: