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What is A Paralegal?

A paralegal has the required education and experience to provide legal services to the public,
much like that of lawyers but they are not lawyers.
Paralegals in Ontario have been licensed by the Law Society of Ontario since 2007.
Paralegals have been recognized as officers of the court.

In Ontario, licensed paralegals provide several types of legal services to the public. Paralegals can appear before certain lower-level courts and administrative tribunals.

The Requirements to Become a Licensed Paralegal in Ontario

To be a licensed paralegal in Ontario, an individual must:

  • Graduate from a college paralegal program that has been accredited by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO),
  • Successfully complete an internship,
  • Pass the Law Society of Ontario’s Bar Licensing Exam,and
  • Successfully complete the application process.

  • You can verify that a paralegal or lawyer is properly licensed by checking
    the Law Society of Ontario's Lawyer/Paralegal directory.

    Areas of Practice for Paralegals in Ontario

    Paralegals, licensed in Ontario, are authorized to represent individuals in the following areas:

  • Civil lawsuits brought in Small Claims Court, with a claim for financial damage awards not exceeding $35,000,
  • Matters heard in the Ontario Court of Justice - Provincial Offences Court,
    which are traffic offences and other offences under the Provincial Offences Act,
  • Certain criminal law matters being heard before the Ontario Court of Justice – Criminal,
    where the accused is being charged under “summary conviction offence.” Such as:
  • Assault
  • Criminal harassment
  • Mischief
  • Theft under $5,000
  • Fraud
  • Breaches of court orders
  • Four criminal driving offences:
  • Dangerous Driving,
  • Failure to Stop after Accident,
  • Flight from a Police Officer,and
  • Operation of motor vehicle while Prohibited

  • Click here to see a specific list of criminal charges that Paralegals have been authorized by the Law Society of Ontario
  • Hearings before Provincial & Federal Administrative Comissions, Boards, and Tribunals
    Some examples arethe Landlord and Tenant Board, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, Social Benefits Tribunal, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Immigration and Refugee Board, and more.
    There are over 500 Provincial boards, agencies and commissions in Ontario and over 20 Federal boards, agencies and commissions in Canada. Many of these are administrative tribunals, which have been granted the authority to make decisions under a statute or regulation. Tribunals are independent agencies responsible for making decisions and sometimes recommendations. There is a broad range of administrative tribunals dealing with a variety of subjects; for instance, some deal with regulatory and licensing issues, others with entitlement to compensation or benefits. Some tribunals are large organizations with many members

  • Pressently Paralegals can not act as a representive in Family Court. However, there are plans for this to be changed by the Law Society of Ontario in order to provide access to justice for all. To learn more click here.

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    until you receive written confirmation in the form of a signed retainer agreement.
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